Fintelligence by Fintelligence Training and Consulting

Fintelligence Training and Consulting conducts programmes that are specifically focused on financial awareness and preparing individuals to manage their monies effectively and efficiently.

Financial awareness is a topic that has been gaining relevance over the past few years, given the growing importance of building and maintaining a reasonable net worth to get through the later stages of life. Changes in income levels and attitude to saving have made people take a long hard look at where their money is invested, resulting in the need for expert advice or gaining experience for themselves. As an employer you can be a catalyst in helping your employees achieving this knowledge through our programs.

Aim of the Programs:
  • Educate individuals on personal investments (products) and factors affecting their investments.

  • Empower them with knowledge on personal finance management. Knowledge on products in the market, how to choose products, personal financial planning are a few to mention.

  • Impart practical knowledge on financial planning, thus enabling the participants to choose what is best suited for their individual financial goals both short term and long term.

  • Equip the participants to manage their finances in an informed manner.

  • Post the program the individual will have more self-confidence and a better understanding of how to manage finance, optimise his/her financial partnerships and choose right financial instruments.


    Fintelligence – Steps to start your financial journey is designed for new recruits, as a value add given by the employer during induction and orientation programs. The session would focus on how young professionals entering the workforce should plan their finances early, to be financially well prepared in their later years and would aim at instilling savings and investing values to the young generation. In addition to saving and investing, steps to avoid over getting caught in debt traps through the overuse of credit cards and loans would are also part of this program.

    Fintelligence – Smart Investing is designed for upto mid-management level professionals. The session covers financial concepts, the need and process to build a required savings corpus, Investment Options, Portfolio reviews and succession laws in India. This program brings to the fore all the investment categories with a significant focus on asset allocation and identification of needs and the corresponding products. Post the programme the individuals will have a better understanding of how to manage their monies and choose products and advisors, rather than rely on purely third parties.

    Fintelligence- A step Ahead – is a financial planning session for senior level professionals above 40 years. In the session, the participant will be taught how make a financial plan, identify goals, risk profiling, choosing investments based on goals, execution of the plan and reviewing portfolios on an ongoing basis. These sessions are usually restricted to less than ten participants, given the interaction.